NFTs That Mean Business.

Seal Business Cards, Resumes, Certificates and more in the blockchain and standout.

What are NFTs?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are unique digital assets that exist with unique signatures on a blockchain. These assets are Non-Fungible in nature as they are unique, they contain their own signature and their own characterists. They can most famously be artwork, however are increasingly being used to provide digital proof of special experiences. Think concert tickets, event passes, and the like. NFTs allow you to convey ownership to others, and that these assets can be traded, similar to physical items.

Digital Authenticity

NFTs allow you to unmistakably attribute ownership of your digital assets to yourself or others. Let other's know that your digital items are yours.

Digital Transferability

Digital ownership allows you to trade your digital assets with others for value based transactions. Earn income, trade for experiences, set your business apart with special moments.

Digital First

Being digital native allows your business to stay fresh with new trends. With business becoming increasingly metaphysical convert your digital assets to the blockchain to stay ahead of the curve.

Business NFTs enhancing your business

✔️ Digital artwork that your customers will love to share.✔️ Digital documents that you want to authenticate like certificates, resumes, and contracts.✔️ Business models and media that you can trade on an open market.
Mobile Business Cards that leave a lasting impression.

Per Submission

For those dipping their toes into the NFT waters. Create your first NFT business card, event tickets, or seal your contract in digital space.

$20 / submission

All submissions are governed by our terms of use.

Monthly Subscription

For the enthusiast at heart. Ideal for those who are growing their employee base, converting digital assets into formats that sell, or those who want to create lasting digital gifts for clients.

$45 / month

All submissions are governed by our terms of use.

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